Advisory services and representation

The law firm ANIĆ AND PARTNERS provides legal advisory services and representation to physical and legal persons in the areas of commercial law, insurance law and compensation claims, civil law and labour law.

The company can proudly boast a developed network of associates and experts in various fields (medicine, traffic, engineering, maritime affairs, accountancy, finance, construction, health and safety, and other areas) with whom it regularly or occasionally works. ANIĆ AND PARTNERS also work with numerous lawyers and law firms across Europe and the rest of the world.


In the area of commercial law, the firm provides advisory services related to the day-to-day running of a business, the establishment and liquidation of companies, joint-venture agreements, drafting and negotiating various kinds of contract, and representation in mediation, court and arbitration proceedings, and also proceedings before state bodies.

ANIĆ AND PARTNERS also provide services to legal persons regarding the collection of claims in extra-judicial proceedings, and also enforcement, litigation, bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy settlement proceedings.


In particular, ANIĆ AND PARTNERS are known for their work in Croatian and international compensation claims, where besides physical persons they have also represented a number of foreign insurers and their policyholders in proceedings involving compensation claims arising from road accidents. In this field, ANIĆ AND PARTNERS also have extensive experience and an excellent reputation in representing health insurance companies and pension funds.

Truro County Court in Cornwall (Great Britain) and Liesing District Court in Vienna (Austria) have appointed Ruđer Anić as an expert witness in the field of Croatian tort law.

The firm also represents injured parties and insurance companies in cases regarding compensation claims involving boats and yachts.

In cases involving compensation claims, a prominent place in the work of the firm is occupied by activities related to representing both employees and employers in proceedings arising from injury in the workplace.


The main civil law activities in which ANIĆ AND PARTNERS are engaged concern representation in inheritance cases, advice on negotiating and concluding contracts and also drafting them, cases involving marriage and family law, cases involving the division of property, and representation in all types of cases involving the fulfilment or termination of obligations arising from various contractual or non-contractual relations.


In the field of labour law, ANIĆ AND PARTNERS have a wealth of experience in representing and advising both physical persons (employees, subcontractors and freelancers) and legal persons (employers or ordering parties). Having represented numerous clients on both sides provides the opportunity to perceive a relationship from different perspectives, and so creates a qualitative advantage.


Besides cases involving compensation claims arising from traffic accidents, ANIĆ AND PARTNERS also offer assistance and representation to defendants in criminal and misdemeanour cases arising from such accidents.