About us

The law firm Anić and Partners was established in 2006 when lawyers Krešimir Anić, Ruđer Anić and Damir Sajko joined forces.

Krešimir Anić began his legal career in 1967, and his wealth of experience, extending over 45 years, and which can be seen in the many cases he has been involved in, has been a major contribution to the work of the firm. Today, Krešimir Anić is an adviser in the firm.

Ruđer Anić began his own legal career in 1986 as a trainee lawyer in the office of Krešimir Anić. He opened his own firm in 1990. He is able to draw upon the experience gained in numerous court cases and mediation proceedings in representing the interests of clients.

Damir Sajko started his career as a trainee lawyer in the law office of Eterović and Šunić before moving on to the office of Ruđer Anić, where his legal qualities were recognised and their co-operation led to the establishment of the law firm ANIĆ AND PARTNERS.

The firm currently employs 5 lawyers, two trainees and four administrative staff/correspondents, who make up a great team of young professionals trained in traditional values and moral principles. Thanks to the high quality of the firm’s communication skills, knowledge of English and German, and also the ability to communicate in Slovenian, it has acquired a good reputation both in Croatia and abroad.

Its many years of representing various Croatian and foreign clients have given the firm the necessary experience in resolving legal questions to the benefit of clients, and its great enthusiasm, driven by the energy and confidence of the younger members of the team, guarantees the firm's success in all areas in which it practises.

The firm's own records of its legal practice comprise more than 15,000 pages. Accepted legal positions in cases in which the firm has been involved have been presented in published judgments which have become part of case law.

Krešimir Anić, Ruđer Anić and Damir Sajko have trained more than 30 trainee lawyers, who are now respected and high-ranking lawyers in various firms and state institutions. The firm also works with the Faculty of Law at Zagreb University, whose students of civil procedural law have gained experience in this field by working in the office of the firm.

The credit rating of ANIĆ AND PARTNERS for 2013 according to Bisnode was AAA.